It’s simple. Pet parents are always looking for something fun and different to do with their dogs and cats. I created Dog Noir to give you a chance to live in another world, another Los Angeles, just for a little while and to experience it with your pet.

Who am I? Diana Lundin. Los Angeles pet photographer. And this is my Dog Noir.

Immerse yourself as a film noir character in the seedy but romantic Los Angeles of the ’40s and ’50s. We can’t live in that era but we can create images that look as if they were stills that had been pulled right out of one of those classic black and white movies, that bright white and those deep blacks. But with your pet. You’ve never seen that before, have you?

These shoots are designed specifically with you and for you. You decide who you will be. We’ll decide on the location together.

I’ll provide options for wardrobe (I now have a large collection of men’s ties and women’s hats from the ’40s as well as other items for you – coats, scarves, gloves, dresses, fedoras, berets, glasses). You may even already have exactly that wardrobe as so many of my clients have. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

Makeup and most location permits are included in the price.

Once we’re finished with the shoot, you get a fine art photograph printed and framed by the best guy in Los Angeles. You, your dog, your city.

It’s the first of its kind experience in the world. Dog Noir. The streets of Los Angeles are calling to you.

“If you want me, just whistle.”